Petra Engisch is a poet and  writer of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. Born in NJ, she has lived in DC, Virginia, Sicily, and Okinawa, and now writes in Georgia.


The young adult author has been known to teach in public schools, which she realizes does not qualify her to shush teens at movie theaters.


A younger Petra Engisch attended community college, where she shook off her teen angst, wrote for the student newspaper and literary journal, and took creative writing courses with Sander Zulauf. Later she went to Rutgers, where she studied creative writing under Elaine Equi and David Trinidad, and had poetry submissions published in literary magazines before earning her BA in English. She went on to earn an MA from American University, which qualifies her to use big words at her local book clubs and when working with other writers.


She currently balances her writer’s life  with a number of other un-paid gigs and parenting two children too young to read her work.