Petra Engisch has been writing since before she could spell her own name. She took to using yellow legal pads and Ticonderoga pencils as it was the 1970s and computers were not yet a household item. Her first public success came in the fifth grade when her mystery short story, “Who Stole the Pencils?” was read aloud to a small audience of her peers. Applause earned for writing a play for sixth grade Social Studies about Spartan and Greek culture sealed the deal. Petra was a featured poet in a community college publication in the early 90s.

Since then, she has read too many books, watched too many movies, and taken too many classes to write without real effort. She now uses a Macbook and Scribner to weave complicated dystopian novels.

Petra has sometimes been known as “Ms. Engisch” to young persons. She has encouraged middle schoolers in the art of language. Her students sometimes loved her, depending on their perception of hard work. When she couldn’t find good examples of one-page short stories, she wrote her own.

As a military spouse, she has lived on three continents. Her perhaps most important work has been in the developing two small humans who once lived in her womb, and now live in her house and call her “Mom.” They seem to share her love of reading and writing along with an inexplicable penchant for video games.